The unique AmbaVeyor represents an economical and low cost solution for conveying products from A to B with a minimum of transfers.


The unique AmbaVeyor represents an economical and low cost solution for conveying products from A to B with a minimum of transfers.

The AmbaVeyor is a modular conveyor that can be installed either on a turnkey basis or in modules for on-site assembly. The conveyor integrates curves, inclines and straight segments between its drive and tail unit. Configurations with one continuous belt can achieve a length of over 50 metres using a single drive. The belt comes in a width range of 200-600 mm.

How AmbaVeyor benefits you

Endless flexibility at unbeatable prices

With its combination of durability and limitless versatility, the Ambaveyor represents real value for money. Where complicated manoeuvres are involved, traditional systems can be up to four times more expensive for comparable functionality. The favorable AmbaVeyor modules prices prove unbeatable overall track prices.


24 hours stock supply

AmbaVeyor modules are stocked at several distribution centres around the world. This ensures short delivery times and ready availability. If you order stocked parts before noon, they will be on their way the same day.

Unique modular conveyor system

The AmbaVeyor frame modules can be assembled into a complete conveyor in no time at all. Once the slide strips and belt have been snapped into place and the slat belt has been pulled in, the conveyor is ready to run. Modules are available in kit form or, if preferred, they can be supplied in standard lengths that can easily be cut to size on site. Bring sufficient parts on site and install as simply as you would do the wiring.

Endless slat-belt

Cut the number of drives by two thirds

Depending on the application, AmbaVeyors can operate along a distance of 50 metres with a continuous belt and just one drive. The reduced number of drives enhances the versatiliy of the system as a whole and reduces cost by eliminating drives, wiring and electronic components.

High load capacity (up to 120 kg/metre)

The load per linear metre can be up to 120 kg for some products. Such heavy loads render the AmbaVeyor suitable for almost all indoor unit handling applications.

Frame Assembly

One continuous conveyor incorporates straights, inclines and curves

The AmbaVeyor runs snakelike through curves, inclines and straights with a continuous 3D-flexing belt. It is an unique style of belt, based on composite slats fitted on a strong steel base chain. The reduced number of transfers avoids jams and increases versatility.

Internet configuration and online ordering around the clock

In addition to the product features and low investment cost, the AmbaVeyor comes with on-line technical catalogues, CAD models and even a price and drawing wizard. Save time and calculate your AmbaVeyor in as little as ten questions, and order it at the same time.

AmbaVeyor with accessories