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23/10 - Aerosol Fresheners Airborne!

Spiral Conveyor SVs

A UK headquartered, multinational consumer goods company with over 50 production sites around the globe recently installed a new aerosol line in one of their US facilities.

With around 400 cans per minute, the air freshener line is one of the fastest of its kind. In order to fit the line into the building, their engineering team studied several ways to overcome an 5m / 16ft elevation without losing the scarce space available.

Elevating a range of aluminium cans, some with an extremely unstable1:3 footprint to height ratio, at such speeds was a more than an average challenge for them to resolve. Several solutions were considered including space requiring inclined conveyors and wedge conveyors that need to be set and adjusted for each product dimension. However, they found that the spiral conveyor was their best option. Compact, fast, and continuous – and no adjusting required per production run.

Studying their options for spiral conveyors, their choice for AmbaFlex seems obvious as they already have many AmbaFlex conveyors at various different production sites around the world running various applications. AmbaFlex units are known for their extensive capabilities and there is hardly a need that AmbaFlex cannot provide a spiral solution for. From dynamic accumulation or processing to the elevation of large secondary or primary packs and unstable high speed canned products in either mass or single file transport.

For this specific application, AmbaFlex proposed their SpiralVeyor® SVs series with a 100mm / 4” belt. This type is especially designed for primary packages such as single file can handling.
The added bonus of this AmbaFlex spiral conveyor is that the footprint is less than one meter (3ft) square. That is only 60% of the space required by any alternative in the market. Although there was actually no true alternative in this case!

To achieve an elevation up to 5 meters (16 ft) requires a spiral conveyor with 13 windings at a safe 6 degree incline. To avoid jamming itself with such an extremely high number of turns, the lowest friction belt possible e.g. a “superglide belt” is a must! The patented AmbaFlex Triple-E technology is known to be the only spiral technology that offers such superglide low friction. With less than 1.5 horse power required, it runs very smoothly and is very power efficient.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!