23/10 - Logistica, Utrecht (NL) 2019

Logistica, Utrecht (NL) 2019

Stand 03.C066.

At Logistica, AmbaFlex will present the flexible transport solution AmbaVeyor under the name AmbaVeyor Curved Solutions. The AmbaVeyor transports items from A to B with a minimum of transfers and drives. This unique and sideways flexible transport solution is based on the proven belt technology of the SpiralVeyor. The main components of the AmbaVeyor are the frame and the belt. The belt has the unique ability to bend sideways as well as upwards and downwards, allowing the AmbaVeyor to accommodate straight, inclined and curved tracks in one conveyor system, with a maximum length of 50 metres per drive. On Logistica several standardized Curves will be shown.

The SpiralVeyor is also well represented at the fair. On the stand of VANAS Engineering nv (stand 01.D032) you can see the SpiralVeyor - ML configuration. Products can be combined on different levels in the SpiralVeyor or guided away from the SpiralVeyor.

The SpiralVeyor SV can also be seen at Scala Material Handling & Internal Transport in Hall 3 & 4. The SpiralVeyor SV is the general purpose spiral conveyor for medium to large products. The machine is ideal for processing secondary packed products and crates in logistics and is used in many ways, from lifting products to accumulation. The AmbaFlex patented guide roller system is simple and reliable and eliminates the need for controls and sensors. Continuous motion is the perfect solution for demanding situations with unstable products and high production speeds.

Logistica is free to visit. You can registrate here for a personal badge: https://www.logistica-online.nl/