It is our mission to innovate!

Esther Langenberg


Engineering consists of the Operations departments and Research & Development. The main challenge for Research & Development is to find the right solutions for each customer's exceptional and specific needs. They are the creative minds, the inventors or problem solvers at AmbaFlex. Its dedicated engineering team enables AmbaFlex to continue to innovate and to overcome all challenges. Since products change all the time, AmbaFlex continues to change as well.  We also make use of a research centre where the practical feasibility of ideas can be tested.

In order to broaden and further develop our knowledge, we also have an office in Eindhoven, the hub of engineering developments.

The Operations departments are the links between Sales and implementation in our Production Department. They make sure that the necessary materials are available. They prepare the orders down to the last detail so that Production can produce the spiral. Improving and optimizing the processes is a continual process. Efficient and effective stock management contributes to customer satisfaction.  



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