Construction Crew Chief



The construction department is responsible for the result of all construction orders according to the order planning.

Job title

Construction Crew Chief

Job description

The Construction Crew Chief is responsible for assisting the Construction Supervisor to ensure the safe, accurate, efficient, and timely performance of the Construction Department. 

Key tasks

-       Lead/ Direct Construction employees

-       reading (extra complex) technical drawings

-       the customization of components using welding and constructional techniques 

-       making the machines ready for production

-       the inspection of constructional components or complete frames

o    SV windings and finishing

o    SVn finishing

o    SVX windings and finishing

o    SVS windings and finishing

o    SVO windings and finishing

o    SV return channel and build lower end

o    SVX return channel and build lower end

o    SVM return channel and build lower end

o    SVS return channel and build lower end

o    SVO return channel and build lower end

o    AVH windings and finishing

o    AVH return channel and build lower end

o    RVS welding

-    Training and supervising of new employees

-    Measuring and controlling constructional components and complete frames

-     periodically perform all-round tasks at external locations / foreign facilities 

-       participate actively to the development of the products and processes 


-       responsible for the quality and quantity of the delivered work

-       responsible for the cleanliness and safety at the workplace and performance of the work according to the quality, health, safety and environmental regulations.

-       responsible for safe, responsible use and daily maintenance of the provided machines and tools


-       addressing and training of new employees

-       check and give approval to the measurement and monitoring of constructional components and complete frames

Place in the organization

Direct supervisor: Construction Supervisor 


Our requirements:

Job experience

Minimum work experience of 3-4 years in a similar position in a manufacturing environment.

Required skills


Works with others to achieve team goals, shares information with others, supports others. Think and act  from common interest and with mutual respect. Verbal communication is done through listening, summarizing, questioning, and giving feedback.


Adapts own behavior easily; is able and willing to adjust to changing demands and circumstances, is open to new ideas. Approaches problems as opportunities for improvement.


Is open to possibilities for improvement of issues and procedures. Think and act innovative; see opportunities for innovation of work methods and procedures.

Customer orientation 

Recognizing wishes, needs and interests of both internal as external customers and act accordingly. Empathize with customers situations, thinking in customer interests and convert them into actions. Sees colleagues as customers.


Searches for more responsibility and personal challenge. Shows an enthusiastic attitude and shows good posture. Contributes its own initiative ideas and solutions. Re-adjusts old work methods if there a new insights.


Amy George

Do you have the experience and desire to be our next Construction Crew Chief? Apply today. 

Amy George