Assembly Supervisor - Night Shift



 The Assembly Department is responsible for the result of all assembly orders according the order planning.


Job title

Day Shift Assembly Supervisor


Job description

As Day Shift Assembly Supervisor, you coordinate and monitor the progress of the work of the Assembly employees. You are responsible for the safety, quality, efficiencies, and cost of all Assembly employees on the Dayshift.


 Key tasks:

·        work in cooperation with the day and Day shift supervisors to meet company goals and objectives.

·        actively communicate with the day and Day shift supervisors.

·        generates improvement proposals to the Vice President to reduce costs and lead times, reduce rejections / distortions and improve the functionality of the production (processes).

·        taking care of the inventory of the mounting hardware and the consumables.

·        doing cycle counts and Class A inventory items to ensure inventory is managed correctly.

·        actively participate to the product and process development

·        think and act customer orientated.

·        work according to the standards and values of the company regulations.

·        monitoring and fulfilment of the order planning of the Assembly departments.

·        accepting assignments, including drawings and other written / verbal information and checks on feasibility for the production employees.

·        handing out assignments, provide support and give instructions to the production employees.

·        directly involving the engineering department for questions regarding part drawings.

·        divide or adjust the available or required capacity based on the planning.

·        actively participate in planning and staff meetings.

·        checking the daily timesheets of the employees.

·        Implement and monitor KanBan systems

·        Implement and monitor 5S systems

·        Have a lean focus in regards to operations and put forward improvement proposals on a regular basis to the Vice President after consulting with supervisor colleagues on the opposite shifts.



·        responsible for the quality and timeliness of the final product.

·        responsible for the cleanliness and safety at the workshop and performance of the work according to the quality, health, safety and environmental regulations.

·        responsible for safe, responsible use and daily maintenance of the provided machines and tools

·        responsible for the coordination of the daily activities and the progress monitoring.

·        responsible for opening and closing of the department.


Place in the organization

Direct supervisor: Vice President


Educational requirements

Associate degree preferred in Business Administration or engineering field.


Job experience

·        minimum work experience of 5 years in a similar position in a technical environment

·        experience in managing, motivating and supervising of the technical staff at various levels




Nuestros requerimientos:

Required skills


Basic skills


Works with others to achieve team goals, shares information with others, supports others. Think and act from common interest and with mutual respect. Verbal communication is done through listening, summarizing, questioning and giving feedback.



Adapts own behavior easily; is able and willing to adjust to changing demands and circumstances, is open to new ideas. Approaches problems as opportunities for improvement.



Is open to possibilities for improvement of issues and procedures. Think and act innovative; see opportunities for innovation of work methods and procedures.


Customer orientation

Recognizing wishes, needs and interests of both internal as external customers and act accordingly. Empathize with customers situations, thinking in customer interests and convert them into actions. Sees colleagues as customers.



Searches for more responsibility and personal challenge. Shows an enthusiastic attitude and shows good posture. Contributes its own initiative ideas and solutions. Re-adjusts old work methods if there a new insight.



Shows behavior that attests to setting high standards for their own work and that of others. Work accurately and makes few mistakes. Committed to continuous improvements and to ensuring the quality and reacts immediately when quality is below standard.


Personal required skills


Organize personal work

Show feeling for space and direction, have technical ability and spatial imagination.

 Collect all relevant information, the correct and sufficient amount of equipment, tools and materials. Responsible for the cleanliness and safety at the workplace. Disposal of waste materials (separated), leftover materials, tools and equipment. Use the available machinery and tools efficiently.


Identify deviations and bottlenecks (before start) in the assignments. Coordinates the approach of work with the dayshift superivsors Helps colleagues by giving explanations and supplementary information and coordinates approach of work with them.

Follow instructions and procedures

Follow instructions, work according the safety regulations and prescribes procedures.


Performs tasks and tests according assignment / technical specifications and technical drawings, given instructions of day shift supervisor and according to the quality, health, safety and environmental regulations.
Performs final inspection according assignment / technical specifications and technical drawings, given instructions of supervisor and according to the quality, health, safety and environmental regulations. Fills in all required final inspection forms according to regulations.


Learning capacity

Desire and ability to continue to grow for the benefit of a broad and continued employability.


Searches actively for learning situations and convert learning points into actions.

Is not stuck in mind-sets, is open to new developments in their field; integrates new knowledge in existing, uses experiences and talents of others for their own developments and accomplishments, convert learning points into actions; applying insights and knowledge into practice; trying to push boundaries; accepting challenges

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