20/10 - State-of-the-art baby food factory

State-of-the-art baby food factory

Today we were recognized by many in an online article on the dutch news site NOS.nl. This is a great picture of 2 SpiralVeyors in the packaging line of baby food factory Nutricia Cuijk of Danone. The factory is state-of-the art and opened in March 2019. In the foreground the SpiralVeyor type SVs for Single File baby powder cans. In the background the classic SpiralVeyor Type SV for end-of-the-line transport of boxes.

It took three years to set up this ultramodern, sustainable zero waste plant. Danone's 240 million euro investment in Nutricia Cuijk is the largest international investment in a Greenfield location in North Brabant, the Netherlands in the past ten years. The production process of the new plant uses 60% less water and 25% less energy and emits 50% less CO2. In order to reduce the CO2 footprint even further, Nutricia Cuijk uses 100% renewable electricity.

The factory mainly produces specialized baby food for babies with specific nutritional needs due to e.g. cow's milk allergy, but also focuses on regular baby food.

Not only does the production location use less energy and water than the old one in Cuijk. Hygiene aspects are also explicitly taken into account in the layout of the factory.

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