Process Technician – Injection Molding

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Injection Molding

Job title
Process Technician – Injection Molding

Position in the organization
Direct supervisor: Injection Molding Manager

Purpose of the position:

As the Process Technician you are responsible for the proper operation of the injection molding machine(s), robot, and assembly automation. You will ensure all production conforms to the quality specifications set out by the engineering and quality department. You will operate the injection molding machine, auxiliary equipment, and molds within the proper parameters. In addition to any other responsibilities given by the Molding Manager.

Main activities:

Safety / Housekeeping
·        Adhere to all Safety Practices

·        Follow all LOTO procedures

·        Maintain acceptable level of housekeeping by 5S standards in the assigned work area 

·        Work areas must be kept free and clear of trash (paper, plastic, cups, bottles, and gloves) or any items which are not necessary to perform work assignment

·        Keep fixture/mold/tooling rack areas clean and organized

·        Basic technical understanding of injection molding machine and how it operates

·        Ability to perform basic troubleshooting of molding machine and any auxiliary equipment

·        Operate Injection Molding Machines to achieve minimal downtime

·        Perform product stacking per engineering standards.

·        Participate and support lean activities.

·        Accurately Track production and rejects on production form.

·        Ability to read shop orders and confirm the correct materials are being used
·        Accurate data
Continuous improvement
·        Give feedback and ideas for improvements for all aspects of the job
·        Amount of improvements addressed
·        Visually monitor product for any quality issues.

·        Perform measurements with a variety of tools: calipers, pins, gages, etc

·        Document measurements on proper paperwork to ensure traceability

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Nos exigences:

Education and experience

-        Minimum of 1 year of Process Technician experience in an Injection Molding setting. 

-        Ability to work within a team and independently is essential.

-        Able to read, write, communicate in English.

-        Experience with overhead cranes, forklifts, and mold components a bonus.

-        Willingness to learn and adapt

Amy George

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Amy George

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