Quality Assurance Inspector


 Job description:

Perform quality inspections of welded conveyors and subassemblies according to AmbaFlex written procedures and standards.

 Specific Duties & Responsibilities

 ·         Inspect, verify, and document that conveyors meet AmbaFlex specifications.

 ·         Perform incoming inspection of base materials, when applicable, to AmbaFlex standards.

 ·         Perform standard inspection of WIP and Random Sampling Inspection to Ambaflex standards (hourly inspections of each workstation).

 ·         Stop production station if major non-compliance of specifications, standards, or quality is found during the inspection process.

 ·         Follow-up inspection of non-complying product that has been re-worked and corrected. 

·         Complete deviation forms and record findings of inspection process.

 ·         Maintain inspection journals and daily summary logs as required.

 ·         Train line personnel on quality issues and objectives in support of Production Leadership.

 ·         Complete Non-Conformance Reports for defective products and materials.

 ·         Assist QA Leadership in physical control of non-conforming products and materials.

 ·         Complete staged production audits and document as required.

 ·         Communicate quality problems with QA and Production Leadership and fellow QC auditors.

 ·         Complete operational paperwork validations as required (receiving, production shipping).

 ·         Complete quality related paperwork as required

 ·         Monitor system inventory for accuracy as required.

 ·         Participate and support continuous improvement objectives of the department.

 ·         Perform other department duties as required.


I nostri requisiti:


·         High School diploma or equivalent w/ Trade school or Two year degree

·         Requires 1-2 years of QA Inspection experience in a metal manufacturing environment

 ·         General Quality Control and Quality Assurance Procedures

 ·         Must be an independent worker who can be given tasks to complete without constant supervision after initial training – Self Starter

 ·         Observant

 ·         People skills; able to work with people with different skill levels.

 ·         Ability to comprehend oral and written directions

 ·         Good reading and math comprehension

 ·         Able to interpret written specifications

 ·         1-3 years’ experience working in a manufacturing environment

·         Good attendance

·         Ability to use basic math to analyse information and measuring equipment

·         Basic computer skills

·         Ability to work safely and efficiently

·         Ability to work with close tolerances

·         Ability to work in a team and independently

·         Strong attention to detail and ability to follow instruction and written processes

 Physical Requirements

 ·         Ability to stand for long period of time

 ·         Must be able to lift 40 pounds.

 ·         Must be able to work in normal manufacturing environment.

 Other Requirements

 ·         Must be able to work night shift hours (4 – 10 hour shifts with OT sometimes required).

 ·         Must have legible handwriting.

 ·         Works with others to achieve team goals, shares information with others, supports others. Think and act from common interest and with mutual respect. Verbal communication is done through listening, summarizing, questioning, and giving feedback.

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