AmbaVeyor Curved Solutions



Nine predefined curved solutions that fit almost any job

AmbaVeyor is a flexible conveyor system that can run over long distances and can include curves, straights and inclines with just a single belt. Still, there is a demand for smaller ready to run, pre-assembled curved solutions to be integrated into traditional conveyor lines, which are able to resolve complex conveying issues.

Reduce investment in conveying with the all-in-one AmbaVeyor conveyor solution

On top of these general AmbaVeyor features, the curved solutions program enhances the complete line by cutting drives, transfers and reduced the space needed, even on shorter conveyor tracks. They come pre-assembled and tested and can be fitted in most challenging areas as a quick fit.

Suitable for goods:

Several (depending on the application)


  • Cut the number of drives by 30%
  • High load capacity (up to 50 kg/ meter)
  • Internet configuration and online ordering
  • A simple yet durable design results in low TCO
Type Belt width Rcentral
AFa 300 300 mm / 12" 650 mm / 26"
AFa 400 400 mm / 16" 650 mm / 26"
AFa 600 600 mm / 24" 900 mm / 35"

In- outfeed configurations

  • Dry use

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