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9/10 - Most compact accumulator ever!

AmbaFlex, the global leader in spiral conveyor solutions, has just supplied the most compact accumulator of its kind ever.

Accumulation is a general description and AmbaFlex indeed already supplies spiral accumulators for various purposes, markets and functions. But this particular accumulator is offered as a “time delay” version allowing for 5 minutes of drying time for printed products. A market that has been served by AmbaFlex for over 20 years with hundreds of units installed.

However, what makes this accumulator so special is its compact build.

Very compact diameter: a 400mm wide belt width in a spiral diameter of approx. 1.7 meters means only a 1.12 radius/width ratio when 2 is more or less the standard.

Very compact in height: the total elevation is only 1.6 meters due to the very compact track build of only 45mm. The total SpiralVeyor® of 10 windings holds 45 meter of conveyor belt. A footprint of only 3 square meters equals 15 meter of accumulation per square meter or 9 meters per cubic meter.

This unit offers customers great space savings and there is no need for decline conveyors.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor solutions!

For more information you can go to the Cooling Tower