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29/3 - Oriental Spirals

The Japanese are known to be very accurate and focussed on quality and this may be the most important reason why AmbaFlex is the only widely accepted Spiral Conveyor supplier in Japan.

In one of the most densely populated and high industrialized countries in the world, the compact solutions offered by AmbaFlex are always very well appreciated. AmbaFlex has been active in Japan since the nineties’ and is very well represented there by its resellers and installed base.

One of the latest successes in Japan is a solution that was worked out with a traditional manufacturer of food flavouring sesame oils. They are known for their traditional and never-changing recipes which date back to the19th century. The traditional production process also respects some simple principles: only offer sure, good and safe products. It’s therefore no surprise that they demand a similar approach from their machinery suppliers too.

The company chose 2 SpiralVeyors of the SV series with a dual track of 200mm belt and 6 meter elevation as it could handle the flow of packs in a gentle stream without any danger of damaging the high-value food products. This machine from the AmbaFlex SlimLine programme is 38% more compact than the competition and represents great value to the customer as there was a lack of space in their location.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!