20/7 - Patentcase; Hongsbelt

Patentcase; Hongsbelt

As the proud inventor of the SpiralVeyor®, we have installed more than 20.000 machines worldwide in some of the most demanding conditions. Our patented products and designs are exclusively available for customers of AmbaFlex. The patented technology together with our many years of experience guarantees you will have the most effective and cost-efficient solution available in the market today.

Unfortunately, not all companies respect the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into developing new innovative solutions.

A China-based organization called ‘Hongsbelt‘ which focuses on selling modular belts for conveyor systems, is suspected of copying AmbaFlex proprietary belt technology. These belts are then sold to equipment manufacturers who use these in a variety of their own machines.

AmbaFlex is diligent in defending patented technology and has filed a lawsuit in the Peoples court of China against Hongsbelt for their patent infringement and will extend this lawsuit to any company using the illegally copied belt in any their machines.

With the lawsuit currently advancing, AmbaFlex is confident that together with the collected evidence and the previously won cases against Cabax and the Hui Ge company, the Chinese judicial system will decide in AmbaFlex favor and strengthen their resolve to become a country of high-level IP creation, utilization, and protection.

It is crucial for AmbaFlex to defend our technology and inventions. Protecting our patents ultimately serves the best interest of all our customers and our employees. With our new factory and offices in China we employ many Chinese workers and staff, therefore stopping these copyright infringements also serves in the interests of the People’s Republic of China. We are truly glad to experience such good cooperation from the Chinese government and legal system.