AccuVeyor AVh 系列



AccuVeyor AVh 的设计目的在于克服传统螺旋累积机的缺点。

AccuVeyor AVh 不以任何方式接触产品。更好的是,产品甚至不需要改变轨道,只用保持在介于进给和出料之间、同样部分的传送带上。因此,更改方向的不是产品,而是传送带本身!这种毫不妥协的独特专利系统由安霸福莱克斯设计,将我们在螺旋输送机上的经验与动态累积的知识结合而成。

Suitable for goods:

Primary packing like; cartons, candy bars, biscuits packs, personal care and pharmaceuticals Filled liquid containers like pouches, doypacks, bottles and cans Delicate packs Multiple products transported parallel


  • Belt width range: 140 mm | 5.5"
  • Multi-belts: Patented ONE-belt non-touching accumulation system
  • Load range: up to 15 kg/m | 10.2 lb/ft
  • Speed range: up to 40 m/min | 130 fpm
  • Accumlation length: up to 80 m | 260 ft
AccuVeyor AVh Series
FiFo / No pressure / No product contact AVh-N AVh-P
Footprint 2.2 sqm / 7 sqft 2.2 sqm / 7 sqft
Nominal clear product height < 140 mm / 5.5" <320 mm / 12.6"

In- outfeed configurations

  • Dry use (S)
  • Wipe down (R)
  • Wash down economic (CR)
  • Wash down total (RS)

AmbaFlex as inventor of the spiral conveyor and with over 25,000 machines in the market is by far the most experienced party. These experiences are boiled down into market and application-specific PreDefined Configurations that exactly suit to our customers' needs.

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