4/11 - 1 Minute Maintenance - An AmbaFlex Service Innovation

1 Minute Maintenance - An AmbaFlex Service Innovation

What started as a small idea presented during a coffee break is now celebrating its 5th anniversary as a global service. Our 1-Minute-Maintenance program is a series of easy to follow video instructions that are accessed through strategically placed QR-codes on the machine's maintenance points.

These codes give mechanics around the world the chance to service our products in the field anytime and anywhere — without having to go through training or worrying about finding the right manuals.

With many of both our regional and global customers invested, we can safely say we struck gold with our 1-Minute-Maintenance program. And, thanks to our early investment, we have a big head start on our competition, allowing us to dive even further into uncharted 'service innovation' territory.

Check out the introduction video: https://youtu.be/d-gm-xYBXmo or scan the QR code.

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