23/5 - 52 meters high - Reaching for the stars

52 meters high -  Reaching for the stars

With so many companies scaling up their businesses, so do the facilities that support this growth. As a result, these buildings tend to increase exponentially in height, especially in the logistics market. To keep all the processes running smoothly, fast and reliable transport between the various floors is essential.

Project details:
·         Three stacked Spiral Conveyors with up to 5 in and outfeeds
·         One 52-meter! SpiralVeyor SVj configuration
·         Smallest footprint on the market / No added structures or loops 
·         Ultra low-friction technology
·         Installed in the elevator shaft

Reliable spirals that can reach extreme heights are increasing in demand. In this project, the customer needed several very tall spiral conveyors, the tallest being 52 meters, with various in and out feeds to connect all relevant floors. With these heights having the right technology becomes increasingly important. 

For example, ultra low-friction technology ensures the highest uptime as it significantly decreases wear on the machine, which also means the lowest possible impact on the operation. Another important aspect is having the right technology for the most compact machine. Having a small footprint is essential so the elevator can fit in places where other equipment can't go. 

The AmbaFlex SVj configuration is one of the spiral conveyors that checks all these boxes (and more!). Thanks due its innovative design, it removes all addons that would otherwise increase its footprint. The patented Triple-E technology ensures it can run with the lowest friction possible, guaranteeing the highest uptime and lowest maintenance needs. And, for those rare occasions it needs maintenance, AmbaFlex offers the 1-minute-maintenance program to ensure it's running again in no time. 

This unique set made it possible for AmbaFlex to deliver two spiral conveyors that fit into a repurposed elevator shaft without any effort with one of them being 52 meters tall.

AmbaFlex - Elevator customers to new heights!

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