21/7 - A doorway to success!

A doorway to success!

Ensuring your production line runs with the most optimal parts can have a big influence on your line efficiency. This adds up even more if you can prevent potential damage to your products from old parts as well. In this project, AmbaFlex replaced old, sub-par parts with a solution that increased overall efficiency and eliminated product loss in this part of the line.


• Plug & Play Portal ONE solution
• Increased accessibility
• Improved line efficiency

In this particular project, the customer needed to create access to certain parts of the line. This meant creating a doorway through three parallel running tracks. With only a tiny amount of floor space available, their options were limited. Their current solution was a set of incline belts angled at 25 degrees to lift the tracks high enough in order to create a doorway. Unfortunately, the products were prone to slide down, resulting in damage to the pizzas and a drop in total line efficiency.

Thanks to our continued innovation in spiral technology, AmbaFlex had the perfect solution, our patented Portal ONE setup. Our unique technology had three distinct advantages over conventional spiral portal solutions.

First, it was the only option available compact enough to fit in the amount of floor space available. Second, thanks to its one-belt system, it has no extra transfers or drives. And third, it's available in full stainless steel, which was a requirement due to the fact the frozen pizzas could cause condensation on the spiral.
Our customer ended up with a safe doorway that solved both their accessibility issues and eliminated product loss.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights!

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