8/4 - A lifetime of efficiency

A lifetime of efficiency

In 2004 one of America’s most innovative clothing companies, one who set the bar on the customer-centric approach since the early ’60s, needed a reliable solution for transporting clothes in bulk to the secondary sorting stage.

Their search started 15 years ago when one of their distribution centers adopted a revolutionary and, to this day, unique way of bulk sorting. Because of the way this process worked they needed a means of transporting the extreme volume of clothes coming from the pre-sorting stage to the cross-belt sorter on a minimal amount of available floor space.

After a thorough analysis of all their options, they established that the unique AmbaFlex belt setup has a closed system. In this patented system the belt stays gapless throughout the whole machine, guaranteeing the safety of the products, and uptime of the whole line. Whereas most other solutions have gaps in between the slats of their belts, especially at crucial places like near the end-rollers or at transfers, making it very prone to jamming up and damaging the clothes as a result.

Their choice to go for a technically sound solution and order a collection of SpiralVeyors in combination with AmbaVeyor has proven it’s worth over these past 15 years. With nearly no maintenance, the machines remain in peak condition, ensuring the highest amount of uptime while keeping their clothes in pristine condition.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!


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