25/3 - AmbaVeyor Endless Flexibility

AmbaVeyor Endless Flexibility

AmbaVeyor is a modular conveyor system designed for the internal transport of a wide variety of products. Based on SpiralVeyor technology, it has the unique ability to flex sideways and go through upward and downward bends. This allows for straight, inclined and curved tracks to be incorporated into a single drive conveyor system of up to 50 meters in length.

The unique flexibility of AmbaVeyor

Having this type of flexibility can improve your design and optimize its potential, especially when dealing with limited floor space or various obstructions like support beams. This unique flexibility of AmbaVeyor also helps in cutting the number of drives by two thirds. This enhances the versatility of the system as a whole and reduces cost by eliminating not only drives but also wiring and electronic components.

Where complicated maneuvers are involved, traditional systems can be up to four times more expensive for comparable functionality.

The versatility of AmbaVeyor

The AmbaVeyor versatility gives you the best of both worlds. Not only is it flexible, but it is also still capable of running at speeds of up to 60 meters per minute with a load capacity of up to 50 kg/meter, depending on the type of product to be conveyed. The belt moves on slide profiles around the center and the outer ends of each slat which ensures stable support over the entire belt width. Meaning it can handle almost all of the indoor unit handling applications with ease.

The AmbaVeyor system will help you connect parts of the line without sacrificing valuable space while keeping the system simple and maintenance friendly.

AmbaVeyor modular conveyor system for Endless Flexibility!


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