9/1 - Fluid Mass-flow efficiency

Fluid Mass-flow efficiency

Actual efficiency comes from more than choosing the best equipment. How these parts are connected, and how the products are brought from one operation to the next is just as important. For example, a good layout can turn into a great one with the right supporting parts.

Project details:

- (De)-Elevation of both empty and full glass bottles
- 8x SpiralVeyor SVm with side transfer
- Stainless steel for a wash-down environment
- 65000 bottles per hour

This project involves a layout for four new lines for returnables in an existing brewery. With many operations on various floors, the end user needed mass-flow elevators for eight spots throughout the line. As always, with adding equipment to an existing floor plan, space was a key factor in the eventual decision.

Another important aspect was, that with a throughput of more than 65000 bottles per hour, these elevators needed to have a high continuous throughput while keeping the glass in perfect condition.

The AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor SVm is the ideal solution. A powerful mass-flow spiral elevator with a unique side transfer that feeds the bottles seamlessly into and out of the spiral elevator. Transfers, in any part of the line, are often critical spots for unstable products such as bottles. But thanks to the innovative features that come with our SpiralVeyor mass-flow, these worries are history.

The SpiralVeyor SVm is available in full stainless steel with various unique options tailor-made for the bottling and canning industry. Ask one of our experts for more information on these options and what they can do for you.

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