28/6 - From synergy to optimal efficiency

From synergy to optimal efficiency

Investing in an additional line or modernizing old equipment is something that requires a lot of planning upfront. What combination of products do we need, how can we make it fit, and how to ensure proper synergy with the rest of the equipment.

Project details

-       AccuVeyor AVs replaces failing accumulation table
-       Compact design ensures perfect fit
-       Increased efficiency due to improved synergy

In this project, a new line was added to increase production by installing a new blow-molder to feed an existing filler machine. To secure a steady infeed for the filler, they added an accumulation table in between the molder and the filler. This combination was meant to keep line efficiency high even if the molder suffered from either faults or maintenance stops.

Unfortunately, the accumulation table was inconsistent in its performance and had the opposite effect. The table suffered from micro-stops, which severely affected the molder, often causing it to stop completely. These stops resulted in line-starvation for the filler, which in turn significantly impacted the line's total efficiency. 

To get the efficiency increase they were initially looking for, they needed to replace the failing accumulation table with a reliable alternative. An alternative that will give the line the flexibility to keep the filler running in case of a blow molder stop. 

The AccuVeyor AVs was a perfect fit, both for its compact design as its reliability. An AVs is essentially two spirals in a single frame. The first helix goes up on the outer track, which then twists into an inner track, going back down on the inside of the frame. Using the same vertical space a second time gives the line more than enough storage (up to 60m) to secure a steady infeed for the filler in case the blow-molder stops. As the molder temporarily stops, the AVs picks up where the molder left and starts feeding the buffered empty bottles into the filler. 

The AVs increases the synergy between the different centers of operation, harmonizing the line, and removing their interdependencies.

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