18/10 - Global as a service

Global as a service

AmbaFlex is always near our customers. We have our four major production facilities and support offices spread over four continents, serving as the regional hubs for our sales specialists and sales engineers. With more than 25 sales specialists worldwide, AmbaFlex will always have someone ready to answer your questions in a language that you feel comfortable with, one that knows your local culture and traditions — resulting in efficient and pleasant business contact.

Aside from bringing our products and service to local suppliers around the globe, our full coverage also guarantees our global customers they will get the same high-quality products, premium service, and installation support that they have come to expect — no matter where their next project brings them: one company, one deal.

Another significant advantage this offers, in combination with several strategically placed hubs, is that our service engineers and additional parts are just around the corner. AmbaFlex is able to deliver lightning-fast service and spare parts shipments, ensuring the optimal efficiency of your AmbaFlex solution during its entire lifetime.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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