23/3 - Guiding cheese to the end of line

Guiding cheese to the end of line

One of New Zealand’s top dairy companies needed to safely transport flow packs of cheese without decreasing the accessibility of the production lines. In addition, they had to keep the delicate flow packs unscathed and preferred a minimum number of transfers.

AmbaFlex had the perfect answer for them with the unique, compact Portal ONE solution, saving valuable floor space. The combination of 2 connected spirals creates a portal for accessibility and by using a single continuous belt they made sure the product doesn’t have to suffer any more transfers than absolutely necessary.

In a dairy processing production environment, being able to withstand regular wet cleanings with chemicals is one of the main requirements. AmbaFlex made their wash down spiral conveyors in full stainless steel suitable for use with detergents, combined with an FDA food grade belt and without hidden soft metals that would easily corrode. Ensuring the longest possible lifespan and uptime of the spirals.

AmbaFlex is the only manufacturer that has managed to design a stainless steel base chain that is strong enough for use in spiral conveyors, a crucial component when everything has to be in stainless steel.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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