18/8 - Handling blazing speeds

Handling blazing speeds

Rocketing unstable products like plastic rice cups from one level to the next while meeting blazing production speeds can be challenging. AmbaFlex offered this producer of many popular rice products a solution that could easily meet their throughput and maintain packaging integrity.

There are a number of unique challenges created by transporting a small, lightweight, and unstable container traveling over 60 meters per minute.  These types of products have an increased risk of sliding around or toppling over. At 2 cups per second, this could be disastrous. Yet guiding these items through conventional means would increase the risk of damaging the cups and decrease the efficiency of the line.

To get the rice cups down from one level to the next in order to sleeve and pack them, AmbaFlex offered a simple yet very effective solution. We modified the standard AmbaFlex 100mm wide SVs narrow-track SpiralVeyor with two extra options.

First, we slightly banked the track a few degrees, just like they do with the famous NASCAR racing ovals. This helps to balance out the centripetal force, which prevents any sideways sliding of the cups. Secondly, we added a small strip to the outer guide to avoid damaging the film (which extends over the edge of the cup) while also helping to prevent the cups from tipping over.

As AmbaFlex exceeded their expectations, the end-user followed up with new orders, increasing their line efficiency even further.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights!

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