15/6 - Introduction Li Zhu, Field Service Technician China

Introduction Li Zhu, Field Service Technician China

At the moment, one department has more challenges than another to carry out the work in a 'normal' way. For AmbaFlex Customer Service this is perhaps the most true. The work for Field Service also continues during the lockdowns. In the coming updates, we will introduce you to a number of dedicated Service Technicians around the world.

Li Zhu, Field Service Technician China
My name is Li Zhu, I‘m 32 years old. I joined AmbaFlex in 2018 and work in service department as a service engineer, responsible for equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, training and remote support to help customers solve problems.

The company's equipment is a very clever design. The SpiralVeyor can be built up to 45 meters height (Singapore BlueHub project) or even higher which can solve the customer problems due to the scarcity of land resources, and multi-layer for factory construction. Products can be continuously transported and multi-level transported, save factory space and improve the production efficiency.

From this year, I am also responsible to do the internal FAT for the major projects. The main tasks are testing all equipment and quality control to make ensure all the delivered machines are in good quality and according to customer’s expectations. Through constant efforts, together with production we summarize a standard production process to improve our production quality and satisfy our customers.

Due to the work, I often travel to and in china and overseas, to support customers with tasks such as machine installation and troubleshooting. I enjoy the work and the travels, it makes me happy to experience the country's difference in culture, customs and local foods.

When I'm not working, I like to be with my family and child, travel with family, fly kites and party.


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