28/5 - Introduction Min Hang, Field Service Technician China

Introduction Min Hang, Field Service Technician China

At the moment, one department has more challenges than another to carry out the work in a 'normal' way. For AmbaFlex Customer Service this is perhaps the most true. The work for Field Service also continues during the lockdowns. In the coming updates, we will introduce you to a number of dedicated Service Technicians around the world.

Min Hang, Field Service Technician China
My name is Min Hang, I am 29 years old. I have been working for AmbaFlex for almost 7 months. At present, my work in AmbaFlex is mainly field service. It is the first time I got to see a machine which is higher than 20 meters high. It was very challenging but I’m proud to have successfully completed the project.

Since I started working for AmbaFlex I have completed numerous projects successfully already, and look forward to seeing many more different places and customers every time I go on business. And, when im not away for a job, I can continue to study or support the factory.

Now, due to the global epidemic, many projects have not been carried out due to the restrictions, but we can still deal with the nearby projects. At present, there are two projects that need to be dealt with. During the visit, taking protective measures, and applying for the access code according to the local regulations.

In my days off I stay with my family and have dinner with some good friends.

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