22/4 - Keeping it straight

Keeping it straight

Primary packaging

In the world of primary packaging, most products are delicate and difficult to transport between the centers of operation in a production line. This is especially so when they have to move to a different level in the factory. Most of the time, though, the best solution is the simplest one.

The request: the customer had a continuous flow of products and needed an elevator able to release products at various heights. In a normal situation, a SpiralVeyor MultiLevel would be a perfect solution. But these types of spirals often use connection bridges, with multiple rollers or belts, to connect to the next piece of the line. While these are perfect for larger, more stable items, the delicate stacked products of this customer would have a big chance of being disorientated or even falling off the bridge completely.

Another critical point, due the high and unstable nature of the product, was the angle of the track. A higher angle will result in less windings and a more efficient machine. But too high and the products would topple over and fall down.


The Solution: A SpiralVeyor SVsX-2X200
. This is a narrow track spiral with two ultra-flat 200mm tracks that can have their in or outfeeds at different heights. This means they could split the stream at the start and divert both to a single dual-lane SpiralVeyor SVx. Then having both outfeeds of the individual lanes exit the products at different heights, which removes the need to divert out of the spiral from an angle. This opens the up option again to have a straight outfeed with regular transfers, able to safely give the products to the next part of the line.

The ultra-flat friction in turn ensured the best stability while keeping the products safely on its intended place on the belt and resulting in a safe but efficient incline angle.

Summary: AmbaFlex offered a simple yet very effective solution. Not only solving transfer issues but also saving on diverts, bridges, and other mandatory accessories. Not just selling a product, but truly searching for the best solution.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights

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