25/10 - Keeping the line running

Keeping the line running

One of the major issues in production lines is that they depend on the complete line to keep functioning flawlessly. In most cases, when one machine stops, the rest has to stop as well and, if you're not fast enough, there will be substantial product loss as a result. And in either case, every restart will hurt the total line efficiency.

• AccuVeyor AVh Dynamic Accumulator
• Fixed downtime caused by cartoner jams and refills
• Maximized line efficiency
• Compact solution by utilizing vertical space for its accumulation time

One of our customers is a producer of delicious, freshly baked cookies. After coming out of the oven, the cookies are packed in plastic clamshells. These shells then move towards a labeler followed by a cartoner to get bundled and made ready for the palletiser.

The main issue is often with the cartoner; it either jams up or needs a refill. If either one takes too long to fix, it will result in a full line stop and a considerable amount of product waste. One of the solutions is to insert an accumulator between the labeler and the cartoner. This way, the flow of cookies in the plastic clamshells can keep moving while the issue is being solved. After the fix, the cartoner can ramp up the speed to empty the accumulator and return to its normal speed.

The clamshells, however, aren't easily manipulated as they're relatively delicate. Accumulators that have to touch the product might cause the same amount of issues as their meant to solve in the first place.

In comes the AccuVeyor AVh, a dynamic spiral accumulator that doesn't touch the product anywhere throughout the process. When the spiral starts accumulating, it's the belt itself that gets transferred to another track, leaving the product unharmed. And thanks to its spiral shape, it's the most compact solution considering the amount of accumulation time it offers.

The AccuVeyor AVh lets product lines maximize their true potential.

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