12/10 - Launch SpiralVeyor I-Configuration

Launch SpiralVeyor I-Configuration

The next step in a great idea! Our SpiralVeyor SVs i-configuration will be displayed on the Cibus Tec show in Parma from 24-27 October. Italy, renowned for its excellence in primary packaging, is the perfect stage for this revelation. We invite you to come to Padiglione 02 – Stand F 004.

Our i-configuration represents the convergence of the best of both worlds, marrying innovation with practicality. We believe in thinking outside the box, and this exhibition is a testament to our commitment to offering solutions that not only meet but exceed market requirements. 

The i-configuration addresses the demands of the end-user market in several ways:

Optimal Space Utilization: Achieve maximum efficiency in floor space utilization, allowing for the installation of more production lines. The i-configuration intelligently uses square meters to boost productivity.

Enhanced Operator Access: Unlike configurations extending to the left or right, the i-configuration optimizes operator access by extending in the middle. This design choice facilitates smoother operations between production lines.

Curious to see it in action? Check out our animation video here for a clear visual representation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvUY7sh3U9Y


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