20/6 - Pedal to the metal (cans)

Pedal to the metal (cans)

One of our French customers, a leader in the pre-cooked food industry, wanted to upgrade and modernize their factory equipment and maximize their line efficiency. Focusing on better machine synergy, they chose our easy to integrate SpiralVeyor technology in combination with an accumulation table, giving them exactly the upgrade they were looking for.

This particular line runs over 100m per minute, transporting up to 800 cans per minute of different sizes, down the AmbaFlex spiral conveyor to the accumulation table 4 meters below. With this kind of speed requirement, conventional methods like a platform elevator or wedge elevator were out of the question.

Our SpiralVeyor SVs turned out to be the perfect solution. Besides being able to safely reach those speeds without the risk of damaging the product and maintaining a low cost of ownership, it was the only option that saved up enough room to fit in the accumulation table. This setup greatly increased the throughput, saved valuable space and reduced costs at the same time.

The SpiralVeyor in question holds a 38 meters long and 100mm wide belt. It is equipped with special product guides making sure the cans stay stable throughout their journey down, even at those high speeds. The patented Tripple E low friction technology is the only way to reach these speeds while still ensuring a long, low-maintenance life.

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