13/3 - Safely guiding asians favorite ingredient down

Safely guiding asians favorite ingredient down

A sesame oil manufacturer in Tonoshou-chou Japan had to get their tin cans containing the precious content from the upper floor, which was 7 meters high, down to ground level. All while making sure to keep the Asians favorite ingredient safe on their descend and delivered to the next stage of the line.

The inherently unstable footprint of these tin cans, due to their unorthodox width to height ratio, required a critical look regarding the way they should be transported down, keeping in mind the scarcely available floor space. Compact, safe and with a high throughput, the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor SVs was the only realistic solution for this particular challenge.

Thanks to the unique friction coated slats the SpiralVeyor only needed 11 windings to lower these types of tin cans 7 meters (23 ft) at a safe angle. The coated, 32-meter long narrow ultra-flat belt, ensured the delicate metal cans would stay firm on their respective place on the belt and maintain scratch-free.

Still, getting such a large spiral installed in a packed production line called for extra measures. To ensure the customer experienced the effortless installation that is characteristic of AmbaFlex products, the engineers split the column of a SpiralVeyor SVs 100 (4”) into 3 parts and simply bolted the parts back together on-site. Making sure the installation went as smooth as possible despite the lack of space to move around in.

This unique AmbaFlex solution safely transported the goods while keeping a minimum footprint of less than a meter!

Because of our many years of experience in spiral solutions and our premium quality products, this valued customer will be able to keep sesame oil on the Asian dinner table for a long time to come.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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