28/3 - Scaling up made easy

Scaling up made easy

Once products are perfected and processes optimized, businesses often wish to scale up and benefit from the inherent advantages it brings. Now, scaling up is notoriously tricky, so every part that you can trust blindly is a tremendous help.

Project Details

·         A total of 16 compact SpiralVeyor SV
·         Transporting carton bricks up
·         Space saving spiral technology
·         Plug and play solution

One of our Asia-Pacific-based customers was about to scale up their production immensely, increasing it from running 7 lines to 16 lines simultaneously. Elevating their products (carton bricks) from one level to the next can weigh heavily on the amount of floor space available, especially if you need to do it 16 times, once for each line.

This is where the compact nature of spiral conveyors truly shines. Other solutions are often too big; they easily need 1 or 2 extra square meters per solution and, with so many lines, it adds up very fast. In addition, solutions with a comparable footprint to the spiral, such as grip conveyors, need to touch and clamp the product, risking damage to the packaging material.

Another, more long-term benefit is that spiral conveyors are very low on maintenance and come as a plug-and-play solution. This takes away a lot of complexity of scaling up, at least regarding the elevation needs.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to greater heights!

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