12/7 - Spiral Conveying - The sky is the limit

Spiral Conveying - The sky is the limit

The AmbaFlex J-Configuration sets the new standard for stacking spiral conveyors. As facilities get increasingly higher, so do the requirements for the elevators that have to transport products up and down to various levels. This latest innovation unlocks virtually limitless spiral heights while keeping the footprint small by eliminating the need for connecting loops and supporting structures or mezzanines. 

Removing these former necessities decreases costs, frees up more valuable floor space, and opens up previously impossible locations for spiral conveyor placement. These can range from areas such as elevator shafts, around supply paths or next to walkways.

Stacking benefits:

• Limitless stacking possibilities
• Space saving solution
• No support structure or mezzanines needed
• Easy to configure for maintenance access
• Less product twisting

Most spiral conveyors elevate over multiple windings, with a single belt returning straight down back to the lower end. This return requires a straight section on the upper end of the spiral that reaches out of the spiral circle. Because of the straight section, spiral conveyors cannot be stacked in one line but either need loops or an offset stack which greatly increases the floorspace needed.

The J-configuration is unique as it does NOT require such a straight segment and, as a result, is easily stackable helping customers around the world achieve the absolute maximum floor potential possible. 

Watch the animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYfm49FrW4E


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