31/1 - Spiral innovation in accessible accumulation

Spiral innovation in accessible accumulation

One of the world’s biggest conglomerates with over 55,000 products in their assortment was looking to solve a very unique problem in one of their production lines. They needed to keep two lines of tape rolls accessible while bringing them both down to the packaging machines.

On top of the accessibility issue they had another challenge, namely short but frequent stoppages at the packing machine. Transportation of those tape rolls turned out to be very difficult and often caused those small stoppages, resulting in the need for accumulation in front of the packaging machine.

The engineers at AmbaFlex turned to our research centre and came up with a truly innovative solution. They designed a Portal 1 (a portal solution with only 1 drive) and equipped each side with two additional chains, essentially turning the portal 1 into an AVx-portal 1 solution. This maintained access to supply both lines and offered the dynamic on-line accumulation they needed to maximise efficiency.

The focus AmbaFlex has on spiral conveying means that these types of extraordinary solutions are part of the service they provide to customers. Combining a special type of AccuVeyor the AVx with the space-saving Portal 1 solution is a testament to the innovative nature of the company.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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