13/3 - Spiralling in control

Spiralling in control

Not all environments are created equally. In some production lines, machines have to be able to handle various challenging elements. One example could be a line that produces frozen foods like ice cream. These machines must be able to withstand freezing temperatures and be resistant to moisture. 

-          Subzero environment
-          Stainless steel SpiralVeyor
-          Proven reliability

It can be challenging to keep the products frozen and in pristine condition when they leave the freezer and journey onto the next part of the line. If the product temperature is not properly maintained throughout the process, it can severely affect the quality of the product when it hits the shelf.

This project involved getting ice cream from the packaging machine on the ground floor to a high-level palletizer. The old solution was to do this with a traditional incline conveyor, but this proved to be too space-consuming to be truly future-proof. 

For this project, we worked with one of our long-standing trusted partners and experts in these areas, DCC Automation. They know our products inside-out and know exactly what to replace the incline with.

The solution must withstand freezing temperatures without any issues, be easy to service and handle the product in a safe and stable way. These essential elements guarantee that the ice cream will be perfect when entering the palletizer at the end of the line.

Our stainless steel SpiralVeyor SV series is the perfect answer. It has already proven its worth in these situations many times. It ensures a gentle, safe, and sanitary manner of elevation while being able to handle the freezing cold and possible ambient moisture. 

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to new heights – “one winding at a time”!

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