5/12 - Splitting Tracks

Splitting Tracks

A global leader in chemical and consumer goods with a wide variety of products wanted to converge two separate streams of closed cartons, transport them up and split the tracks again at the upper-end. After the split, both tracks had to span several meters to get to the next machine in their own individual process.

The customer’s wish to fit all these demands into a single SpiralVeyor meant AmbaFlex had to find a clever way to meet them without increasing the complexity.

AmbaFlex engineers came up with a custom SpiralVeyor SVx design, a special type of Spiral conveyor that can run multiple parallel tracks independently. In this situation, AmbaFlex installed it with two tracks both 300mm wide to transport the separate products up while keeping them both on their own path.

To bridge the gap at the end, they extended the upper-end and built two diverging tracks each connecting to a different process.

The best part of the solution though is that the extended sections at the upper-end are part of the spiral, an innovative option called SpiralConnect. The traditional fix would have been to add conventional conveyor parts which would require two additional motors. The unique SpiralConnect solution meant they were able to keep the number of required motors down to the absolute minimum, saving on costs and maintenance.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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