10/12 - Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future

Solar power

Today AmbaFlex made their next big step. We have been looking to improve our sustainability by investing in solar energy. Now, with the installation of almost 600 solar panels on the roof of its production facility in Zwaag NL, this became a reality.

The new solar roof will generate over 185.000 kilowatt-hours every year. This will more than fulfill the energy needs of our facilities, reducing our impact even further.

Sustainable future

AmbaFlex believes it has a responsibility to help create and maintain a sustainable future. To maximize our efforts, we look at many different aspects of our business.

For example:

  • We avoid using base materials with a high energy-consuming manufacturing process
  • We don't use mixed base-materials in our machines so they can be fully disassembled for recycling
  • Our AmbaFlex recycling program offers to recycle all plastic materials after their lifetime.
  • Out of the granulates from these plastics, new parts for SpiralVeyors can be made.

More to come

The solar power project isn't the only step AmbaFlex has made towards a greener future. Keep an eye out for more news on this and other subjects on our website and Linkedin page.

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