9/6 - Tip Support explained

Tip Support explained

One of the key features of the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor is TIP SUPPORT, which offers a stable flow of products no matter their orientation on the belt. This means that even if products are randomly placed on the conveyor, they will be securely transported through the production line without tipping or jamming, ensuring a smooth and continuous flow of products.

Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bstc1s7wWbY

Another advantage of AmbaFlex's spiral conveyor solutions is the robust welded structure and support system. The windings of the spiral conveyor are part of the welded structure, allowing for high loads to be carried without issue. The slat belt is always supported at four points, providing a stable and secure base for product transport.

As a customer, this means that you can feed your products onto the slat belt at any point, even areas with high point loads. The belt will effortlessly handle the weight and continue to transport your products smoothly and reliably. This allows for greater flexibility in your product handling and simplifies your flow, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

At AmbaFlex, we understand that every application is unique, and we strive to provide solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

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