11/7 - Touchless accumulation

Touchless accumulation

An industrial bakery that supplies packaged cookies as a private label to retailers, invested in a new packaging line. This new line consisted of a separate packaging and sealing machine. Getting the optimal flow of cookies between the two machines turned out to be difficult though, but luckily AmbaFlex had the perfect solution with a unique accumulation system.

What initially seemed to be the biggest challenge for the manufacturer setting up the line was to develop a packaging machine that could handle the different sizes, shapes, and uneven surfaces of the cookies and getting them in the trays without causing any delays or stoppages. A crash could potentially ruin thousands of cookies.  It turned out that the packaging machine was flexible and durable enough to handle the products flawlessly. The problem came from the sealing machine that suffered from regular crashes resulting in a massive overflow of cookies.

To be able to deal with these problems downstream and regulate the flood of products, they needed a dynamic accumulator to buy them some time to reset the sealing machine. One that would not just accumulate products and give them back when needed, but do so without the need to clamp or touch the delicate trays filled with cookies. As in most existing lines, another significant factor was the lack of space in combination with the amount of accumulation they needed, ruling out any horizontal systems.

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The AccuVeyor AVh was the ideal solution. For starters, the AccuVeyor AVh is fully dynamic and very space efficient due to its spiral shape. But perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing the AVh was that there wasn’t any need for a diverter. Due to the (patented) BTU transfer unit, it’s not the product that’s being diverted to achieve the desired accumulation time but the belt itself. Because of this the product won’t be touched and stays on the same spot on the belt which was an absolute necessity due to the delicate nature of the product.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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