25/7 - Using vertical space effectively

Using vertical space effectively

To maximize every inch of your available floor space, it can be very effective to let some of the processes take place overhead on an elevated platform. For example, by elevating the products up a few meters, getting them to the next step in the process, and bringing them back down to the original floor. This leaves space for additional machines, walkways, or other applications.

Project details:

- Overhead process for maximum efficiency
- 2 Stainless steel SpiralVeyors 1xSV300 & 1xSV600 
- Compact solution
- Low maintenance

Upgrading existing layouts often feels like adding pieces to an already complex puzzle. Moving parts around, replacing old equipment and sometimes adding complete new functionalities with the aim of increasing production. However, adding a third dimension to the mix and using the vertical space in a building opens up untapped potential. 

The customer in this project wanted to put the bundling machine on an overhead plateau. A flow of ice cream pints goes upwards, through the bundler, and back down again for the next step. This way, they didn't have to re-arrange any of the machines that were already there.

The most essential characteristics of the lifts or elevators that would have to transport the products up and down were an absolute minimal footprint, low maintenance requirements, and being able to withstand a washdown environment.

Both the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor SV300 and SV600 stainless steel configuration are able to withstand the harshest environments, have footprints of only 70% compared to its alternatives, and come with our unique 1-minute maintenance program. This maintenance program enables engineers to complete most maintenance tasks within minutes, optimizing the line's uptime.

AmbaFlex was able to match the needs of the customer, increasing efficiency while saving costs.

AmbaFlex, elevating customers to new heights!

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