4/1 - Warning: Reliable in extreme conditions!

Warning: Reliable in extreme conditions!

A well-known global brewer with a long-running history of more than 600 years had a very modern problem within one of their production lines. They needed to transport filled beer bottles several meters down to the next machine in a high contamination risk environment.

In some environments, contaminations like small particles of glass, dirt and other debris cannot always be avoided, even though all precautionary measures are in place on the proceeding conveyors.

AmbaFlex has recognized the need for a solution and offers several optional features on their machines that can further customize the Spiral Conveyor to the customer’s specific needs. One of these features is their unique Extreme Contamination Package. This package is designed to help reduce the chance of damages to the machine when operating in such a high-risk environment.

With this package selected, the SpiralVeyor® SVm’s horizontal sections are designed with openings underneath the belt. Due to this open framework, most of the debris is removed in a safe and controlled manner with the help of an angled brush spanning the whole track. And, as an inherent part of this solution, there is substantially more room in between the active track and the return track making it much easier to clean and cutting down on maintenance time.

The Extreme Contamination Package maximizes the potential of the brewery’s production line without any concessions.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

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