4/8 - AmbaFlex launches new slat innovation

AmbaFlex launches new slat innovation

Innovation is one of the key values of AmbaFlex. It is in our DNA to design and develop improvements driven by both market-needs and customer-specific requirements.

The latest in line is the development of the AmbaFlex TPO6 slat. This 600mm/24” wide slat with overlapping structure answers several different market-needs in 1 go. It’s specifically designed to handle the increased amount of (vulnerable) product variations, expanding the possibilities of our program in all relevant markets. It also answers the ever increasing demands of working safety, especially for the next generation of distribution centers and the increased amount of operators.

Spiral Elevator with TPO6 slat

The slat is made out of an extremely durable synthetic material and can be fitted with our unique full surface friction option during the 2k molding process.

Together with the unique Triple-E track build-up (awarded with a patent), we offer unparalleled strength and efficiency with our SpiralVeyor solutions. With belt widths of up to 1200mm (or 48 inches), we are able to transfer virtually any and all products.

This new development will further enhance and compliment the many possible applications offered throughout our program.

Interested in the possibilities? Contact us through the contact form.

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