6/2 - AmbaVeyor - Proudly showing its curves

AmbaVeyor - Proudly showing its curves

The AmbaVeyor is a modular transport system intended for the internal transportation of many different types of items like crates, boxes, pouches, and bags.

Its core is based on the patented SpiralVeyor technology, which resulted in the ability to be extremely flexible. It effortlessly twists into s-curves, helixes, bulb shapes, or any other type curve you might need. The reason it can do all this is because of the belt's unique feature to move sideways. Coupled together with extremely low friction, you can add different shapes together and extend its length up to 50m per drive.

Nine predefined curved solutions

Increasingly our customers need specific shapes to solve complex conveying issues. Resulting in demand for smaller pre-assembled, ready to run, curved solutions that can be integrated into traditional conveyor lines. AmbaFlex developed ten such predefined shapes able to help resolve almost all issues found in modern conveyor lines.

On top of this, the curved solutions program enhances the complete line by cutting drives, transfers, and reduced the space needed, even on shorter conveyor tracks.

More information

For more information about the possible shapes and options, please contact our specialists.

AmbaVeyor modular conveyor system for Endless Flexibility!

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