Controlled Spiral Chute SVc-series



The introduction of non-driven gravity chutes has helped logistic center to find an economical way to bring products down. However, they are also known for causing blockages, which lead to collisions and damages, and in a worst-case scenario, lost items as products get pushed out of the chute. 

AmbaFlex now introduces the new standard for efficient, 'zero- damage' logistic centers with the innovative AmbaFlex Controlled Spiral Chute. The small footprint allows the Controlled Spiral Chute to be adopted in every layout with ease.

Our solution creates a controlled flow. It uses a driven conveyor belt for a guided descent instead of a simple slide. This minimizes the chance of disruptions in the line by eliminating the downsides of the traditional chute. 

With the Controlled Spiral Chute, you work towards a zero- damage strategy. It will improve your line efficiency, reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction. 

Geschikt voor de volgende producten:

Large variety of parcel products allowed i.e. flats, polybags, boxes, envelopes etc.


  • Hybrid solution between sliding and conveying
  • Elevation down only
  • Non friction belt surface
  • Load up to 50 kg/m (34 lb/ft)
  • Belt speed 8-12 m/min (26-39 fpm)
  • Angle of decline 16-22 degrees
  • CE certified
SpiralVeyor SVc-series
Belt width Foot print
SVc 650-1300 400 mm / 16" 1740 mm / 5' - 9"
SVc 900-1600 600 mm / 24" 2240 mm / 7' - 4"

In- outfeed configurations

  • Droog gebruik (S)
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