AmbaFlex offers a wide variety of solutions for the logistics market. Handling products like single items, totes, polybags, cartons, luggage and many more. Whether you need to elevate, accumulate or convey, our experience together with our technological advantage ensures you will always have the best solution possible.

Parcel Handling (CEP)

The world-wide explosive growth of e-commerce is causing a real stir within the logistic chain. The entire chain of delivery, storage, single-item order picking and overnight-express delivery is leading to a considerable upscaling of capacity. E-commerce characterized by a huge product variety, short lead time and high speeds. The AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor has been a huge success within the distribution branch for more than 20 years, for example, in package-delivery hubs. AmbaFlex owes it considerable advantage to its experience with handling high-speed, large and small product flows such as golf sets, game controllers or even grocery items. The SVe can deal with all kinds of single items and parcels, whether they are large boxes, polybags, blisters or any item you can think of that's home-delivered. With band widths of up to 1,200 mm and a completely sealed conveyor belt surface, it is suitable for almost any item imaginable.


Tote and Carton Handling (Warehousing)

Warehousing and order picking systems are constantly being developed to become more efficient. This is because of an increase in the number of SKU's and the variety of their sizes, coupled with a growing number of customers that demand even shorter delivery times and 365 days a year service. Automated high bay storage solutions and multi-level pick stations have one thing in common; the products need to be delivered at workstations, sorters or docking doors quickly within the given space constraints. Connecting different stages in distribution, such as storage picking, sorting, packing and commissioning requires unique solutions that add value to the whole process. In some cases, products are just one type of plastic container whereas another time they can be a variety of products including cartons. A demanding task but one which AmbaFlex provides numerous solutions for.


SKU Handling (Grocery Retail)

New trends in retail, such as a fast-growing number of SKU's and reduced in-shop storage, combined with an increased need for automation to keep costs down, require smart solutions in distribution centers. All these new systems in mixed case handling and palletization have one thing in common - the need for vertical merging and sortation. The speed of order-release modules and other high end picking solutions require a quick way to replete and deliver. AmbaFlex Spiral solutions have played a crucial part in these sorts of warehouses since the beginning of this century. After AmbaFlex invented the spiral-merge solution more than a decade ago, and the spiral sorter after that, AmbaFlex became a household name in this industry.


Baggage Handling (Airports/Seaports)

The continuous growth of air traffic, the vast numbers of planned airports in emerging countries, and the demand for large airports to process everything even faster require a new and different approach. 

This results in an immense amount of baggage handling at airports which is a delicate process with little to no room for errors. AmbaFlex spirals are known for their superior quality an durability, with virtually no maintenance needed. Making them ideal for airports, ensuring every piece of luggage catches their intended flight

Conventional systems such as incline conveyors require a lot of space, which is in short supply at airports. Platform elevators save space but can’t keep up with the new requirements in terms of speed and have a relatively poor mean-time-to-repair.


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