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Customer Support customer-support

At AmbaFlex we value your business greatly and aim to create a long-lasting relationship. One way we do this is by building our machines to last. Another way is by offering world class Global Customer Service to extend their lifetime even further and ensure an optimal efficiency.

Our Global Customer Service is a worldwide network, with certified experts available on all continents, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The AmbaFlex Customer Support network provides remote support around the globe to ensure optimal use of your AmbaFlex product. We’re able to guide you with our professional technical knowledge and assistance based on insights that we developed over our many years of experience and are available for you when needed.


Customer Support

Customer Care customer-care

Through our Customer Care program, we offer you a wide range of
Lifecycle Services.

These services guarantee an optimal efficiency and uptime of your
AmbaFlex products against the best possible total cost of ownership.


Customer Care

Spare Parts customer-spare-parts

The AmbaFlex Spare Parts division provides you with advice and delivery of our genuine spare parts assortment.

With our comprehensive network of strategically placed warehouses spread across all continents, we cover your needs in the most efficient and flexible way.


Spare Parts

Field Service customer-field-service

Field Service includes on-site support by our high technical skilled and certified AmbaFlex Service Engineers.

Besides our regular main visits, based on one of our Customer Care Life Cycle Programs, we also provide maintenance trainings, installation support, single support assistance, and integration checks.

Safety is highly valuated at AmbaFlex and all service technicians are Osha certified.


Field Service

1 Minute Maintenance customer-care

Our 1-Minute-Maintenance program is a series of easy to follow video instructions that are accessed through strategically placed QR-codes on the machine's maintenance points.

These codes give mechanics around the world the chance to service our products in the field anytime and anywhere — without having to go through training or worrying about finding the right manuals.

With many of both our regional and global customers invested, we can safely say we struck gold with our 1-Minute-Maintenance program. And, thanks to our early investment, we have a big head start on our competition, allowing us to dive even further into uncharted 'service innovation' territory.

Check out the introduction video.


1 Minute Maintenance
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