AccuVeyor AVh-Series



The AccuVeyor AVh has been designed to overcome the disadvantages of traditional spiral accumulators.

The AccuVeyor AVh does not touch the products in any way. Better still, the products do not even change tracks, but remain on the same portion of conveyor belt, in-between the infeed and outfeed parts. So it is not the products, but the conveyor belt that changes direction! This unique, no-compromise, patented system was designed by AmbaFlex by combining our experience with spiral conveyors with our knowledge of dynamic accumulation.

Suitable for goods:

Primary packing like; cartons, candy bars, biscuits packs, personal care and pharmaceuticals Filled liquid containers like pouches, doypacks, bottles and cans. Delicate packs. Multiple products transported parallel


  • Belt width range: 140- 200 mm | 5.5- 8"
  • Multi-belts: Patented ONE-belt non-touching accumulation system
  • Load range: up to 15 kg/m | 10.2 lb/ft
  • Speed range: up to 40 m/min | 130 fpm
  • Accumulation length: up to 115 m | 377 ft
AccuVeyor AVh Series
FiFo / No pressure / No product contact AVh-N AVh-P
Footprint 2.2 sqm / 7 sqft 2.2 sqm / 7 sqft
Nominal clear product height < 140 mm / 5.5" <260mm / 10.2"


  • Dry use
  • Wipe down (R)
  • Wash down economic (CR)
  • Wash down total (RS)

AmbaFlex as inventor of the spiral conveyor and with over 32,000 machines in the market is by far the most experienced party. These experiences are boiled down into market and application-specific PreDefined Configurations that exactly suit to our customers' needs.

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