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11/10 - Keeping the soda flowing

One of the world’s largest soda companies needed to transport large amounts of PET bottles 50 meters over to another section of the packing line, all while keeping the flow of products steady and their delicate labels untouched.

The only viable solution was to elevate the product upwards and then to bridge the existing gap several meters above the floor, crossing over various other machines, before lowering the product back down to floor level. What also had to be kept in mind was that the uneven petaloid base would give less surface for the belt to grip, increasing the risk of the product falling when transported at steep angles.

AmbaFlex tackled the challenge, elevating the bottles at the perfect angle while keeping the desired throughput, by increasing the diameter of 2 standard Mass flow SpiralVeyors®. The AmbaFlex multi-chain belt that was used offered two essential features that made this application possible. First, the use of multiple chains offered the necessary pull essential for the high total load. Second, the perfect product support which was provided by multiple slats arranged with near to no gap in-between them.

The sales engineering team also made sure to use the special product inner/outer guides so as to ensure that the product labels stayed in perfect condition.

The two specially made SVm Spiralveyors® will allow the company to meet the demands of their customers for many years to come.

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One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!