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6/8 - The latest Spiral solutions in grocery home shopping

The UK branch of the world’s largest grocery retailer is investing strongly in their home shopping services. In total, 5 new greenfield central distribution warehouses will become operational almost simultaneously in order to keep up with the fast-growing trend in home delivery.

Order totes will move around the distribution centres, from picking to dispatch and back, effectively utilising most of all 3 dimensions and not wasting any space. Although greenfield sites can be laid out freely, spiral conveyors come in very useful. Apart from space savings, they reduce unnecessary conveyor tracks from blocking walkways, and improve access throughout the process.

Each site will be enhanced by 8 SpiralVeyors of both the SV-series and the revolutionary SVo series. The SV series will be fitted with a 400mm wide belt for the more general descending purposes whilst the SVo series is very cost effective solution making use of a new AmbaFlex patent pending technology.

This newly developed technology utilises the advantage of spiral conveyor technology in a very unique way. A spiral conveyor will always have a significant steeper incline angle on the inside of the track than on the outside diameter of the spiral track. This effect causes a rigid product to rock, more or less on two corner points.

But, effectively, the newly developed belt technology eliminates this effect and provides supports over the complete product length giving a larger contact surface. For rigid items with repeating sizes, such as shipping containers, it’s the ultimate solution offering stable contact and a much higher grip. Thanks to this innovation, items can be elevated at much higher inclines, saving elevation time and costs.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor solutions.