SpiralVeyor J-configuration

The NEW (patented) J-configuration is designed to easily stack individual spiral conveyors. It is the first and ONLY solution in the market to stack spiral conveyors without the need for costly connecting loops and structures that enlarge the footprint.

Spiral conveyors are known to elevate over multiple windings with one belt returning straight down to the lower end. This return requires a straight section on the upper end of the spiral that reaches out of the spiral circle. Because of the straight section, spiral conveyors cannot be stacked in one line but need loops or an offset stack.

The J-configuration is unique as it does NOT require such a straight segment and, as a result, is easily stackable. The upper end of the lower spiral can be connected on the lower end of the upper spiral in one ongoing helical flow.

Available for the following platforms: SV, SVe, SVs

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